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Our buses travel all over Tenerife.

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Fleet & Operations Centres.

Dynamic, efficient modern system of public transport.


A fleet of 610 buses an average age of 7 years mean that TITSA has one of the most modern fleets in Europe.

The company aims to equip the island with a dynamic, efficient modern system of public transport that is more environmentally-friendly, more accessible more user-friendly that offers a real alternative to private motorists.

To this end, all vehicles are fitted with the latest technology regarding safety (state-of-the-art braking systems, protection systems in the event of rollover, etc.), comfort (air conditioning, etc.) environmental requirements, particularly where lower emissions of pollutants are concerned.

Accordingly, TITSA’s recent purchases of vehicles —and all future acquisitions— incorporate Euro 5 standard engines. In fact, these EEV (Enhanced Environmental-Friendly Vehicles) buses are a step ahead of legislation, being a standard above the Euro 5. They produce lower emissions of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxideparticulate matter thanks to improved engine technologytherefore help to fight against climate change.

In addition, 99% of the urbanaround 70% of the interurban fleets are fully accessible.

Operations centres.

TITSA currently has bus stations in the following towns: Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava, Icod de los Vinos, Buenavista, Candelaria, Güímar, Arafo, Granadilla, Adeje, Los Cristianos, Guía de Isora, as well as the two Intercambiador de Transportes de Santa Cruz, La Laguna (interchange) a large officesservices building at Cuevas Blancas, Santa María del Mar (near Santa Cruz de Tenerife).

Because of the significant volume of work involved, the company has major engineering facilities for its large fleet of vehicles, namely a central engineering facility at Cuevas Blancas, a similar facilitybus depot at Parque La Reina, in Granadilla, another bus depotmaintenance garage in the area of Los Rodeos (near the airport), in La Laguna, an engineering facilitybus depot at Polígono San Jerónimo, in La Orotava.

Certainly the facilities at Cuevas Blancas the Intercambiador de Santa Cruz are architecturally significant but they also play an important role in the day-to-day running of the company.

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