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Our buses travel all over Tenerife.

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Quality & Environmental Policy.

Quality, occupational health and safety, and concern for the environment.

Below is a summary of the quality and environmental policy approved by the TITSA.

Mission: To provide a public road transport service in Tenerife that will meet the needs and expectations of the local residents who travel around the island.

Vision: To lead the way in the service we provide, and in customer satisfaction, based on our social commitment, technological leadership, sustainability, and a more motivated and competitive organisation.
Our principles: We are committed to reliability, accessibility, safety, communication, proximity, innovation and social responsibility for the service we offer local people.

Our policy: TITSA accepts its responsibility to satisfy travellers’ needs for regular road transport in Tenerife, in alliance with public institutions, by introducing quality and environment management systems in accordance with internationally acknowledged standards. In the following statement, TITSA outlines its express undertaking to deliver policies on quality service, human resources and environmental management.

  • Guaranteed regular road transport for travellers in Tenerife, complying with the levels of frequency, punctuality and quality demanded by society.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of ser vice and of our environmental behaviour is the means by which TITSA manifests its commitment to customers and society.
  • A reliable, comfortable, safe and pleasant service; these are some of quality features that TITSA aims to promote.
  • Service planning to keep customers informed.
  • TITSA undertakes to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity that it provides, and other requirements to which it subscribes.
  • The environmental impacts caused by our activity will be evaluated in order to prevent, eliminate and reduce them to a minimum.
  • The best available and economically viable technologies will be used so as t o prevent pollution, thus ensuring the effective protection of the environment.
  • TITSA is committed to delivering a human resources policy that will bear in mind the health and safety of its employees, their training, and their motivation and identification with the company and its objectives, thus achieving employees’ participation and involvement in their work vis-à-vis quality, occupational health and safety, and concern for the environment.
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